Fees 2020

Fees are payable prior to the season start. A player cannot continue to train or participate in matches without payment of fees or registration with the Club/FFA through this website.

A non refundable 20% deposit is required to ensure team position with the balance payable in full at the point of registration unless a structured payment plan has been arranged at the point of registration.
Please email the Club if you need to arrange a more flexible plan. This must be done in early pre-season. admin@caseycomets.com.au

Fee payments should be paid by BPAY through our website registration. There is a system surcharge of 3.3% for this method.
Alternatives are credit card. (Your credit card company will add a % surcharge to your payment).
Bank transfer (online at the point of registration). EFTPOS. Please do not hand cash to a Coach or Team Manager. They do not have official receipts.
The office is unavailable until April (extension works) so it is advisable to pay online.

Fee Schedule 2020

Discovery Phase Programs

ProgramPlaying AgeFeeProgram Length
Shooting Stars4 & 5 years$150Term - 10 weeks
Superstars6 - 7 years$400Season (20 weeks)
Superstars8 - 9 years$400Season (20 weeks)

Uniform is not included in the Shooting Stars or Girls KickOff programs but can be purchased separately through the Club if required. (Shirt, Shorts, Socks $75). It is included in the Superstars program.

Discovery - Skill Acquisition Phase 

ProgramPlaying AgeFee
MiniRoos8 - 11 years$490
Uniform is included in the fee. A discount of $30 is available if a returning player retains his 2018 uniform. This can be applied at the point of registration.
If a player is selected for a Junior age group, (U12s upwards) the higher fees apply.

Skill Acquisition - Game Training Phase

ProgramPlaying AgeFee
Juniors (Boys & Girls)12 - 18 years$570
Uniform is included in the fee. Referee costs are also covered in the fee.
If a player is selected for a higher age group, (U20s, WSL & MSL) the higher fee applies.

Performance Phase

TeamsPlaying AgeFee
U20s (Boys)16 - 20 years$600
Senior Women/Reserves16 years+$550
Senior Men/Reserves16 years+$600
 If a player is selected for a higher age group/team, the higher fee applies.


Type AmountApplication
MiniRoos Re-use 2019 Uniform (Yellow shirt & shorts)$40Registration
2nd Sibling Discount$25Registration
3rd+ Sibling Discount$35Registration
Team Manager MiniRoos$50Club
Team Manager Juniors+$75Club
CoachNo Fees (team)Club
  • Team Manager & Coach discounts will be approved by the Club. 
  • If you are a returning 2019 TM/Coach, discounts will be applied from registration. 
  • If you are new to the Club and are volunteering to coach/team manage, the Club will credit the discounts part way through the Season. 
  • If you are a coach and attend an FFA coaching course, the cost of the course will be refunded to you towards the end of the current season. You will need to provide a copy of your gained certification and receipt. 
  • Coach discount will only apply to the fees of 1 player (unless you coach more than 1 team). In the first instance this will apply if your child plays in the team you coach. 
  • 2nd/3rd Sibling discount will not be applied if you receive full fees coaching discount.

What is covered by fees? Click for document

Despite rising costs, the Club is trying to keep fees at a reasonable amount. There is so much work that needs to be done to ensure that the Club is run efficiently and to ensure that we provide the best player experience for all. It is incumbent on a small group of Volunteers and Committee of Management (who are also volunteers) to perform these essential tasks relating to a Club of over 700 players (2019 figures), however this small group of dedicated volunteers cannot manage it all. Each year we ask for Members to assist with the running of the Club and the daily or weekly jobs that need doing. The Club is finding that we are outsourcing many traditional volunteer roles and this is impacting on our running costs. We will ask again for volunteers for 2020, however if we cannot adequately cover and maintain the running of the Club, we will need to consider adding a Volunteer levy in 2020. This is something that we wish to avoid, however many Clubs are now covering additional costs imposed by lack of Volunteers by adding the levy so that they can financially afford costs of outsourcing.
If everyone could give 1 hour a month, then just imagine how successful this Club could be. 

Payment Plans

At Casey Comets we have a registration system in place that will allow for payments to be spread out. You can still pay fees in full at the time of registration and accepting the team position, however many players and parents opt for a short payment plan. If you choose a payment plan, you will still need to pay the initial deposit and then select an agreed payment plan. Payments are made online and are completed prior to season start.

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