Fee policy 2022

Casey Comets (the Club) needs Membership Fees to operate and remain financially viable. Fees are the major source of income enabling the Club to provide Members with playing, training & club facilities, equipment, coaching, referee fees, awards & medals, utility costs (unbelievably high!), administration, accounting, and all the many other extras that ensure the Club can operate and continue to provide a friendly and family-oriented club service.
In preparation each year, the Club orders equipment, uniform, carries out pitch repairs and maintenance, upgrades lighting ensuring FV compliance.
Effectively the Club commits much of its fees receivable before any training commences. The cost of insurance has also dramatically risen. With the recent break-ins the Club has had to increase insurance.

Fees are determined on a year-by-year basis through a detailed assessment of actual costs and budget forecasts. In 2022, we have broken the fees into 3 separate components and these are detailed below.

Quick Snapshot of Fees

Please refer to all sections on this page for detailed information.
Team GroupClub FeesAssociation Fees
Shooting Stars$200 (10w)0
Superstars$420 (20w)0
MiniRoos$390 $70
Reserves (Seniors)$350$110 (U18) $233 (O18 Men) $201 (O18 Women)

Melbourne City Clubs Platinum Member

Casey Comets has aligned with A-League Club, Melbourne City for Season 2022. Included in your registration are the following benefits.

As part of our superstars and junior teams registrations (U8 - U17) ages 6 - 16, players will receive complimentary admission tickets to a limited number of City's home games at Aami Park. 
Players may also receive opportunities to play as a half-Time Hero at a City home game, be a player Mascot leading out the team at a home game or to do other match duties such as Ball Boy/Girl. Games include both Men & Women A-League teams.

There are opportunities for our junior coaches to shadow some City coaching and we also hope to offer other experiences during the season. We will also have a couple of City players visit us on a training night.

What do the Fees Cover?

Registration fees are made up of various components. In 2021 we have split the fee into 3 sections. We have uncoupled our fees from the Federation's fees as the Club has no jurisdiction over these fees. These fees are paid directly from playfootball to the relevant associations. Clubs are not allowed to refund these registration fees or make a decision with regards to these fees. We have separated our Uniform costs from the Club costs. This will allow a greater flexibility for players to re-use part or all of their kit. The playing kit is changing in 2022 and is administered through KC Sports. 

Club Fees 

Below is a snapshot of what the fees cover - this is by no means an exhaustive list!

FV League EntryFacility CleaningMarshal VestsInsurance (Contents &
End of Season Presentations
Pitch MaintenanceCOVID-19 complianceGoalkeeper Coach (Juniors)Insurance (Volunteer)Trophies & Awards
Pitch & Grounds RepairsBathroom SuppliesAdvertising/MarketingBook-KeeperMatch Books (juniors)
FertiliserEquipment (Balls)Website & external AppsAccountant & LodgementFirst Aid Courses/First Aid Kits
Regular Pitch mowingEquipment (Training)BAS & GSTOffice AdministrationMiniRoos Goalkeeper Kit/Gloves
Line Marking (1st Layout) External Co.Training BibsLicensing (Liquor & Music)Technical DirectorMisc Items Whistles, Ball Pumps
Ongoing Line MarkingEquipment Repairs/Replace (Goals)Rent & Ground LeasingCoaching Fees/SubsidiesCoach Apparel & Equipment
Line-marking PaintLighting Audit & RepairsCouncil costsTeam Manager SubsidiesFacility Equipment & Furniture
Facility RepairsUtilities (Gas, Electric)Coach Education/AppsGala Day Hosting CostsReferee Fees (Juniors)

*  The Superstars fees include Club shirt, shorts & socks and a training ball

** Both the Shooting Stars & Superstars programs fees cover the cost of high level, qualified coaches & administrator.

Uniform Costs

The uniform fees have been separated from the Club costs. Individual kit items or full kits can be selected at the time of registration and added to your registration package through the Online shop or they can be purchased direct from the Club Shop during the Club Shop opening hours.

This gives a greater degree of flexibility to players for sizing and allows players to re-use kit. 

FV/FFA Fees (www.playfootball.com.au) 

These fees are paid direct to the Federation. It includes federation costs to administer the competition and also provides player insurance.

Players are unable to participate until these fees are paid. Please remember for players U11 teams upwards, a current head-shot photo must be uploaded. Details for Registration instructions HERE


Junior Fee Schedule 2022

Discovery Phase Programs

ProgramPlaying AgeFeeProgram Length
Shooting Stars4 & 5 years$200Term 1 (10 weeks) *
Superstars6 - 8 years$420Semester 1 (20 weeks) **
Superstars9 - 12 years$420Semester 1 (20 weeks) **

Uniform is optional for the Shooting Stars program (4 & 5 year olds). This can be purchased through the Club shop. Kit is purchased separately through the club shop. Returning players can re-use the previous year's kit as it remains unchanged.

MiniRoos: Small Sided Football U8, U9, U10, U11 FV competition teams

TeamsClub 2021 FeesUniformFV/FFA (Play Football Registration)
U9, U10, U11$390$80 *$70 **

* Casey Comets Kit Breakdown (if purchased as separate items)

$40 Home Shirt

$30 Shorts

$10 Socks 

Official Club kit must be worn in competition, no exceptions.

You can purchase direct from the club shop.  (Inside the main clubrooms, 1st door on the left) during shop opening hours. You will be able to check sizing at the Club shop.

You can also purchase kit & merchandise direct from the Club shop.

Shop opening hours

Tuesdays6 - 8 pm
Thursdays6 - 8 pm
Saturdays9 - 11am

** For all competitive players, you will need to register direct with Football Federation. The Federation charges are separate fees and are paid direct and not through the Club.  www.playfootball.com.au

Registration Instructions can be found HERE

Juniors: Small Sided Football U12 & U13 FV Competition Fees 

TeamsClub 2021 FeesUniformFV/FFA (Play Football Registration)
U12 - U18$490$80*$110

* Casey Comets Kit Breakdown

$40 Shirt

$30 Shorts

$10 Socks 

Official Club kit must be worn in competition, no exceptions.

For 2022, If you have the 2021 BOCA kit,  you only need to purchase if your child has outgrown or they need replacing.  From U12 FV competition, the number on the shirt becomes extremely important as matches come under the control of an FV Referee and players are entered on to team sheets. The team coach will determine player shirt numbers. You may to have a new shirt number if you are re-using a shirt. The kits can be purchased from the Club Shop closer to season start if you wish to wait on team number allocations (There cannot be 2 numbers the same in a squad).

Kits can be purchased and collected from the Club shop (Inside the main clubrooms, 1st door on the left) during shop opening hours. You will be able to check sizing at the Club shop.

You can also purchase kit & merchandise direct from the Club shop.

Shop opening hours 

Tuesdays6 - 8 pm
Thursdays6 - 8 pm
Saturdays9 - 11 am

** For all competitive players, you will need to register direct with Football Federation. The Federation charges are separate fees and are paid direct and not through the Club.  www.playfootball.com.au

Registration Instructions can be found HERE 


Coaching & Administration Discounts


  • Team Manager & Coach discounts will be approved by the Club. 
  • If you are a returning TM/Coach, discounts will be applied from registration. 1 coach discount per team.
  • If you are new to the Club and are volunteering to coach/team manage, the Club will refund the discounts part way through the Season by bank transfer. 
  • If you are a coach and attend a Club agreed FFA coaching course, the cost of the course will be refunded to you towards the end of the current season. You will need to provide a copy of your gained certification and receipt. 
  • Coach discount will only apply to the fees of 1 player (unless you coach more than 1 team). In the first instance this will apply if your child plays in the team you coach. A team is allocated 1 coach discount.
  • 2nd/3rd Sibling discount will not be applied if you receive full fees coaching discount.
  • Committee Members - In appreciation of the many volunteer hours that Committee members provide, the Club provides a player discount. This is credited at registration for returning Members and refunded part way through the season for by bank transfer for new Committee Members.
  • Discounts are not applied to kit or FV fees as these are separate to the Club fees and are payable for the player. 

Family Discounts 

  • The Club will provide a $30 discount for a 2nd and subsequent sibling (as long as players are registered in the Junior competition teams. There are no discounts for Club programs)
  • The Club will add the credits to Membership once the Season has started. Should a sibling decide not to continue pre season, then the sibling discount no longer applies.


Payment Plans

Please note that the Club will not be in a position to offer long term payment plans moving forward. 

The Club understands that it is not always possible to pay fees in a single instalment, however we have to balance that against the costs that are laid out prior to any football and once a player has been selected for a team. We also must remain fair to all players and members.

The Club will adopt a standard payment structure consisting of 3 fixed instalment payments. These cannot be amended unless agreed in writing. Players cannot train past these dates until that instalment has been paid or an amendment has been agreed with the Club in writing. If you do require a specific payment plan, please reach out and contact us to admin@caseycomets.com.au

Instalment 1 - 40% Club Fees - Paid at Registration after accepting the team position offer. The position is not confirmed until the 1st instalment has been made. Players are unable to continue training or playing if payments are not maintained.

Instalment 2 - 30% Club Fees 

Instalment 3 - 30% Club Fees 

FV/FFA Registration costs are to be paid separate to CCFC fees. These are paid in full at the time of registering with Football Victoria. 

The Federation's payment system is safe & secure.

The Club has no jurisdiction over Federation fees. 

Parent Split Fee Arrangements 

One parent can set up the registration in the Club's registration system and also register with Football Federation. Both parents emails can be added to the Child's membership so that both receive all notifications and the same invoice. Parents are then able to arrange training and match day schedules and both receive the same information.

It is not Casey Comets FC role to become involved in disputes between parents/carers about the payment of fees. Such arrangements are a matter for all parents/carers to settle between themselves.

Please bear in mind that your child cannot play until fees are paid. We are unable to enter into 50/50 payments or separate invoicing.


Casey Comets Refund Policy 2022

The Club Executive has held a series of meetings following the COVID lockdowns of the last 2 years. It is fair to say that the Club was greatly impacted by the lockdowns with several members not paying fees or kit costs. In line with other Clubs, we are reviewing refund policies should further lockdowns occur. 

Club fees cover all costs involved with pre-season and competition fees. The majority of costs are incurred prior to the junior season commencing with many players training for 3 months before competition. Fee refunds will reflect this. 

The Club has uncoupled the football association fees and kit fees from the Club fees. Once a player has participated in competition, the association fees are not refundable. Kit fees once worn are not refundable, however if there is an issue with the kit, you can contact KC Sports: kcsports@mail.com

Fees are payable to complete registration and to constitute membership to Casey Comets Football Club. 
Casey Comets has a 'No Pay, No Play', No Exceptions and a 'No Change of Mind' refund policy.

Once registration fees are paid, there are no refunds - in exceptional or hardship circumstances, the Executive will consider. Applications must be in writing to the Secretary: admin@caseycomets.com.au and will be discussed at a following Committee meeting. Any refund would be proportionate based on time spent at pre season and the stage of the season. 
Change of mind situations will not be considered including moving to another Club.
Injury or sickness preventing a player continuing early in the season will be considered.

Payment plans are offered at the time of registration and must be completed before a refund is considered. If a player leaves prior to completion of a payment plan, the Club will exercise its right to follow up outstanding payment.

Like everyone, we really hope that community sport and recreation can continue with no further lockdowns. Any lockdown that occurs is out of our control and we have to follow guidance given by our State Association, Sport & Rec. Victoria and State Government.

As a community not for profit organisation, the Club does not hold reserves to allow financial refunds.In the 2020 & 2021 lockdowns, community sport had no policies for season cancellations in relation to pandemics. Clubs are now looking at Consumer Affairs Victoria and are guided where refund policies are concerned. 

Should a lockdown occur, we will monitor the situation closely. 
If the season has cancelled with the majority of the season played, the Club will not issue refunds. The majority of the fees will have been spent covering the costs of the pre season and season. If there is a credit determined, it will be added to the following years membership and not a financial refund.

If the season is suspended early in the season, the State Association will look to resume as soon as lockdown is lifted. the Club will await their instruction and proceed with the season when allowed.

If there is a cancellation early in the season, the Club will look to rollover a credit to be used in a following season or an end of season tournament should community sport be allowed to return. 


Victorian Government Get Active Vouchers

The State Government announced on 01/11/2020 

Get Active Kids Voucher Program

A further $21 million over two years was announced by the Minister for Community Sport to create the 'Get Active Kids' Voucher Program. The Program will deliver $200 vouchers to more than 100,000 eligible Victorian children, assisting lower income families with the costs of participation in sport and active recreation activities.

The implementation of the Get Active Kids Voucher Program will be managed by Sport and Recreation Victoria within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR).

Further information about eligibility criteria and voucher distribution is currently being developed by DJPR and will be communicated soon.

For further information please visit Sport and Recreation Victoria website. 

We have no further information or knowledge of when the vouchers will be released but will update our members as soon as this information becomes available.

The Club, in line with all community sporting organisations will accept the voucher as part of any program or Season registration. We are aware that the vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or fee refunds and nor can the vouchers be refunded, exchanged or transferred once utilised.


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