Girls FFA Aldi KickOff Program (4-9 years) Little Comets

Casey Comets has been providing football programs at a high level for many years. We are a female oriented Club and take great pride in our female programs.
This year we have set up a dedicated female program for young girls. This program will be delivered by 2 FFA grass roots qualified female coaches and overseen by our Head Womens coach.
We support the ALDI MiniRoos program for girls

We understand your daughter may not want to play football with the boy and understand she may just want to have fun with her friends when she gets a ball at her feet.
This program allows them to share smiles with their friends and learn how to play one of the world's safest sports.

It will keep your daughter active and engaged and give her the opportunity to build confidence and develop her social skills.
This is an introductory program to football. The weekly sessions allow young girls to build confidence while learning the basic skills of the game without the added pressure of performing in games against other teams.


In partnership with the AMWU, together supporting the community

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