Registration Information

Please read the Registration Instructions before completing. There is a step-by-step guide for registering with the Association below.
Fees are to be paid at registration or you can apply for a payment plan. 
ALL Casey Comets players MUST register with the Club through this website.
ALL Casey Comets players MUST register With Football Federation Australia (FFA). The link will appear at the end of the Club registration.
If a player does not register, they will be ineligible to train and play for the Club. A player is not covered under Club insurance without registering with the Club and the Football Association.

As with all community clubs, we have a shortage of volunteer coaches. We ask everyone to consider coaching. We have a very experienced Technical Director and an experienced Youth Development Coach (ex UK professional footballer) who support all our coaches and will assist with coach session planning.

Important information

Club Registration: 

If you registered with FFA to play for the Club in 2021, your information has been imported to the new season. You will need to enter the email you used for registration last year and your registration details will appear. Please complete and proceed to FA registration. (Link will appear at the end of Club registration) or you can access 


If you are new to the Club or played football at another Club in 2019, you will need to provide all contact information. You can then proceed to FFA registration (Link will appear at the end of Club registration).


All new players under 18 (including those that transfer from another Club) will need to provide either a copy of their birth certificate or a copy of their passport. Alternatively, a junior player can provide their school entry certificate. Registration will be pending awaiting proof of ID. Copies can be brought to the office on a training night or by scanning a copy by email to your age group Coordinator. (Contact Details are located on Club Information page and at the end of the Registration process)

If you have moved from overseas, the association registration will ask if you played for a team prior to moving to Australia. If you did not play competitively at a high level, then we recommend that you select No. If you have played at a higher level in your previous country, then you will be subject to FIFA rulings and it will be some time before your registration is cleared by FIFA to play competitively in Australia. Should that situation arise, Casey Comets will have to abide by the guidelines in place from our National Association and FIFA. Casey Comets cannot expedite the registration. Please see the International Section below.


International Transfers

An International Transfer Clearance (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or older who is playing for the first time and is not an Australian citizen or whose last registration was overseas. This is a FIFA requirement to ensure players are not under contract or suspended, and is applicable even if the player is an Australian citizen or if they have been registered in Australia or Victoria previously.

To obtain an ITC you simply need to complete the standard registration process through The player will be prompted to answer a question on their previous playing history overseas. Once the registration is complete the ITC will need to be requested by the club through the Approve Registration section of MyFootballClub. This process can take up to 30 days if a response from the opposite National Association is not received. Additional documentation (please see Minor International Transfer Certificate section ) is required for minors (players under the age of 18) to ensure that they are not moving to Australia for footballing reasons. If you want to discuss prior to registering please contact your age group coordinator (details below)

A copy of a passport is required for all players coming over from South America. (FFA/FIFA requirement)


FFA Registration:

All players must register with FFA through the online system. The link will follow on from Club registration. Below are instructions on how to register with FA.

Please make sure you upload your photo (this can be taken on your phone or computer and uploaded or by scanning and uploading a jpeg).


If you have previously registered with FFA, you will need to retrieve your password.

If you are new to joining a Club then you will need to create an FFA number.

Step by Step Instructions and Information are HERE


Once you have registered with FFA, your registration will appear as pending. 

The Club will accept the registration based on;

Payment of fees and up to date payment plan.

A photo being uploaded to the FFA system.

Player registered to the correct age group.

A team place being confirmed.

Any ITC information required.

Office Hours:

The office is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 - 7.30pm & Saturday mornings 9 - 11am
Fee payments are to be made online when registering or Bank Transfer. 
Full details are on the registration page.
The Club will also accept fee payment in full by cash, Creditcard or eftpos. 
Payment plans are only accepted by online application and will need to be agreed by the Club. Payment Plans can only be paid by Bank transfer. Scheduled debit days can be arranged for weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a Tuesday or Friday.


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