Superstars (Players 6 - 12 Years)

Superstars 2021 - Semester 1


Casey Comets is running a new Superstars program in 2021 for players age 6 -12 years.
The program is suitable for players that are new to the game or have not had access to much training and skill development. It is also suitable for players that need more confidence or who wish to concentrate on skills and development before committing to competitive football.

The program is coached by highly qualified coaches that include ex professional European players.

The aim of the program is to create more confident players that are able to understand the game of football and have had the chance to develop their skills before introducing them to competitive play. It is also to instil in the player a life long love and understanding of the game.

As the program progresses, the players will be introduced to match play through intra games, Gala days and access to some competition.

Players will be able to move to competitive football at their own pace with the support of the coaching team.

If you have a child that has played at another Club, you are welcome to register them to this program or you can contact as there are a limited number of positions in our younger teams for players that have experience of competitive football. Numbers have been limited in competitive teams due to a shortage in coaches, however if anyone is looking to get involved in coaching or learning to coach, the Superstars program is an ideal place to learn alongside qualified, experienced coaches.

The Superstars will run over 2 Semesters, each lasting 20 weeks, with 2 sessions a week. You will need to register separately for each Semester.

For more detailed information on this program: STARS2021

Kit is purchased separately from the Club shop.

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