Life Members

The purpose of Life Membership is to recognise outstanding service and commitment to Casey Comets Football Club by members and supporters.

First and foremost, our Club wishes to recognise individuals who have been loyal members, and;
additionally, we wish to recognise a person who has made a significant contribution over time to our Club and Committee.

Life Membership Constitution

Eligibility for Life Membership
Any Member or Director may nominate an individual for admission as a Life Member. Nomination requirements are as follows:

A nomination must:
(a) be in writing in the form determined by the Directors from time to time; and
(b) set out the reasons why, in the opinion of the nominator, the nominee should be considered for Life Membership.

Admission to Life Membership
Nominations for admission to Life Membership are to be considered by the Directors at their next meeting after the nomination is received. In their absolute discretion, and without the need to give reasons for doing so,
the Directors may recommend the nomination, or decide not to recommend or submit the nomination, to the next annual general meeting for approval.

A nominee is admitted to Life Membership if:
(a) the Directors recommend that the nominee be admitted to Life Membership; and
(b) the recommendation is approved by a majority of two-thirds of Members present at the annual general meeting at which the recommendation is considered.

Rights of Life Members
Unless also an Ordinary Member, a Life Member:
(a) is not to be counted in a quorum under rule 5.1;
(b) has the right to remain a Life Member until they die or resign their Life Membership or unless they are expelled from the Club;
(c) subject to any separate agreement with the Club to the contrary, has no obligation, and may not be required, to pay any subscription or other amount;
(d) is entitled to receive notice of general meetings;
(e) is entitled to attend and speak at general meetings; and
(f) is not entitled to vote at any general meeting.

Criteria for Life Membership

Any person of a minimum 10 consecutive years’ membership who has, in the opinion of the Executive demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality volunteer service or rendered special service enhancing the reputation and future of the overall Club may be elected as a Life Member (criteria determined below):

a) The Member’s service has been continuous
b) The Member has been an active member of the committee on at least 5 occasions or held an active non-Committee position appointed by the Committee on at least 5 occasions and be deemed to have made a
significant contribution to the Club.
c) No Member’s service shall start before the age of 18, although duties performed prior to this age may be considered.
d) Any nominations for life membership must be made in writing to the Executive 1 month prior to the AGM and supported by a history of the person’s service and endorsed by 2 financial Members of the Club. Nominations can be submitted by email
e) The above criteria are to be classified as the minimum criteria for life membership and is not to be deemed as an automatic qualification for elevation to Life Membership.
f) Only in extraordinary exceptional circumstance can the time limits set out in clauses a) & b) be waived if all other criteria are met and there has been an extraordinary significant contribution to the Club by the
g) The members will cast a vote at AGM by secret ballot and not by a show of hands
h) As a Life Member of the Club, the yearly membership fee is waived.


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