Outdoor Season - 2019

Casey Comets FC

Welcome to Casey Comets 2019 Registration.
This is the main registration form to play football with Casey Comets in 2019, however there is an additional step where you will be required to register with Football Australia. This ensures that every player is covered under the 2019 insurance and is a step that every player must complete annually to be able to participate. As the Football Australia system is not open until early 2019, early registrations will need to complete that step at a later date, however you will be able to access that system through your Casey Comets registration. We will advise when that system is up & running.
Important information before completing
1) Registration to a team is for players that have been allocated to a team or who are wishing to join a 'STARS' program.
2) Please note that ATTENDEE is the player and not the parent.
3) Parent contact details MUST be provided for players 17 years and under.
4) Email addresses & phone numbers given must be current and active - this is our main point of communication. Please complete all fields when registering.
5) Payment plans are available and can be paid by bank transfer or BPAY. Cash payments are not accepted for payment plans.
6) We cannot enter into a financial agreement with anyone under the age of 18.
7) There is a link to Fees Policy when registering - Please Read
8) There is a link to Terms & Conditions when registering - Please Read
9) There is a uniform sizing chart linked to the registration form, however we do have samples for players to try. You will need to come back to the registration form to enter the sizing as we collate that data for kit ordering & distribution.
10) Uniforms will arrive shortly before the competitive season starts.
11) When registering to a competitive team, you are committing to the team. All players will need to attend regular training and both Home & Away matches. We have alternative programs for anyone not able to fully commit to training & home/away competition.
12) We are a volunteer run Community Club - we are always needing extra hands. Your help & consideration will always be very welcome. Happy teams & happy players are always those with the strongest support.
13) Training will begin in Feb/March and will be communicated to you by the Coach or Team Manager.
14) If you have any outstanding fees from 2018, you will not be able to participate in 2019 until those fees are completed.


  • 360 Superstars (Born 2010-2013)
  • 440 Under 7 to Under 11 FFV Competition (Born 2008-2012)
  • 520 Under 12 to Under 16 (Born 2003-2007)
  • 550 Under 17 to Under 20 (Born 1999-2002)
  • 550 SL1 Women/Reserves
  • 350 SL3 Women
  • 550 SL1 Men/Reserves
  • 25 2nd Sibling Discount (up to U16 Teams)
  • 35 3rd & Subsequent Sibling Discount (up to U16 Teams)
  • 30 Reuse Kit Discount (U7 - U11 Teams)
Note: The registration period for this Season has closed.


Claudia Corcoranregistrarccfc@gmail.com
0423 442 3730423 442 373
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