Superstars & Shooting Stars 2021 (4 - 12 years)

New for 2021. A new Comets program has landed. Our 2nd Superstars Semester will commence 7th August 2021.

After a football review, Casey Comets is delighted to announce our Superstars programs for boys and girls. This is a football and coaching investment in our younger players. The program is designed to teach younger players the fundamentals of the game whilst instilling a love and passion for all things football.

We want our players to be able to progress to competitive football equipped with the skills, knowledge, passion and confidence that will see them compete at all levels. We want to move away from placing young players straight into a competitive environment that they are not ready for, unable to fully understand the game which impacts their confidence, enjoyment of the game and often no understanding of commitment to a competitive team.

Our Superstars program will be the springboard to a lifelong love of the game.

Players will be in age appropriate groups. More details below.

Casey Comets Stars Programs - at a glance

Shooting Stars

Superstars 6 - 8

Superstars 9 - 12

Age Parameters4 & 5 years (2016 & 2017)2013, 2014, 20152009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Start Date22nd May13th February 202113th February 2021
Training Day(s)SaturdayTuesday & SaturdayThursday & Saturday
Training Times9am - 10amTues 5.30 pm Sat 9amThurs 5.30pm Sat 10.15am
Program LengthTerm (10 weeks)Semester 1 (Feb - Jul)Semester 1 (Feb - Jul)
UniformOptional ($80 cost)Tick Superstars Kit package Tick Superstars Kit package
Cost$200 New Player Term 2 
$180 Returning Player
$480 New Player Semester 2
$360 Returning S1 Player
$480 New Player Semester 2 
$360 Returning S1 Player

Shooting Stars Fees Term 2, 3 4 will have a 10% discount for returning players. Cost: $180 (New Players $200)

Superstars for Semester 2 will have a 10% discount less kit costs for returning players. Cost: $360 (New players $480 includes kit)

In Term 1 and Semester 1 of our programs. Training Balls were handed to each player to retain. This has been problematic to run and organise, with many balls being being lost, damaged and some that were not of good quality. We also were waiting for additional stock that has taken far longer to arrive due to the impact of lockdowns. Therefore we will no longer continue with this, however we will have sufficient balls on site for training. Players that were expecting a ball but did not receive one due to stock issues, will still receive a ball. 

We hope to have Casey Comets branded balls available to purchase shortly.


Program Information - Superstars (Registration) (6 - 12 years)

About the programs

The Superstars programs were introduced in 2018 and proved to be immensely successful. In 2019 we expanded the programs and split into 2 age appropriate groups. Now in 2021, the program has been considerably adapted and is managed by higher qualified coaches and underpins our whole club coaching policy. It is still split into 2 age groups but will now include a Coach Invite only Academy group.

Superstars 6 - 82013, 2014, 2015Tues: 5.30pm Sat: 9am
Superstars 9 - 122012, 2011, 2010, 2009Thurs: 5.30pm Sat 10.15am

Superstars is an introductory program for young players that will teach football skills in a safe, inclusive environment. The program will aim to introduce competitive football whilst instilling confidence in young players.

We recognise that young players all develop at different rates, the programs will allow player skill development and knowledge giving them a smooth transition to team football.

The programs are suitable for children that have not played competitive football or are new to the game. It is also suitable for returning players that may not have the confidence for competitive football or players who are unable to commit to twice weekly training and games at weekends. By joining the programs they can still play and enjoy the game.

With the demand for team football, our younger teams are full, so many players will be placed in the Stars programs to allow them access to playing football.

The programs also encourage coach development and many parents step up and get involved with coaching.

Please note, this is a mixed program. 



Program Information Shooting Stars (Registration)

Age: 4 & 5 years2016, 2017
10 Week program (Term)$200 Term (10% discount for subsequent Terms)


To implement an introductory program for very young players that gives every player the opportunity to learn new skills in a FUN, safe and inclusive environment. It is an age appropriate program with players able to join the term of their 4th birthday. The program is based on Football Federation Australia's National Curriculum Discovery phase.

The Casey Comets Shooting Stars program is a fun, energetic football program and is designed to instil in each player a lifelong love for the game.

Players 4 & 5 years:

Children at this age are constantly active and training will often be spontaneous as physical movement is part of a child's personal development.

Through physical activity, young players develop senses, perceptiveness and concentration.

Children derive pleasure from physical activity and are ready and willing to take on a new challenge.

They have a natural desire to learn & improve, encouraging physical, mental, emotional & social development.

The difference in coaching younger players can be broken down;-

ExerciseNew experiences, fun, learning football & playing
Match PlayPlay without pressure & intervention
ObjectivePromotion of and getting pleasure from sport (football)
SuccessPositive experience & learning for all children
CoachAssessed according to progress

What is included?

Fun activities that will build skills through games and simple drills. These activities will allow a young player to replicate those skills in a mini game situation.

Plenty of time on the ball - every player has access to a ball throughout the session.

Each session will conclude with a mini game that allows the player the chance to demonstrate what they have learned.

Training lead by an FV accredited coach and assisted by grass roots coaches. 

Coaching: Whilst we are a community club mainly managed by volunteers & parents, this program will have high level coaches. It is important to the Club that our entry level programs receive a high level coaching experience. The program will be run by a coach that is completing his FFA A-Licence. Details of your coaches can be found at bottom of the registration page.

What is the program cost and duration?

The program will run for 10 weeks 

Term 2 will commence Saturday 22nd May 9am - 10am

** The Term 2 program has been extended by 3 weeks due to impact of the May and July lockdowns, the program will complete on 28th August.

Term 3 will commence shortly after Term 2 completion with new players registrations very welcome.

Players can wear comfortable sports clothing or they can wear Casey Comets Kits (shirt, shorts, socks) which can be purchased directly from the Club. Cost $80

Please note - This is a mixed program - Boys & Girls welcome.



Stars Academy


Additional Information

Additional Information

Players MUST register with Casey Comets.

Fees must be paid in full or an up to date arranged payment plan for Superstars before kits are given.

Kits will arrive at the beginning of the program. Our Superstars will be the first program or team to wear our new kit!

The Superstars program will include gala days and opportunities to fill in for competitive teams against other clubs and academies.

Superstars players will receive end of season participation medals or trophies.

Parents are expected to remain at the Club at all times. The club takes it responsibilities with the Child Protection Laws seriously. The Car Park is not a safe place for a young child and children should not be dropped off and collected from the club gates or car park.

Please ensure that you have provided current email address and mobile number. The Club will communicate with you through these channels.

There will be club and team photos during the season.

Please make sure that you 'like' our Facebook page - 


The Club follows all current government guidelines. Check HERE for our latest COVID guidelines & policy.

There is hand sanitiser in all bathrooms and dotted around the grounds and clubrooms. 

There is a signing-in sheet for all players which we ask parents/guardians to complete each week.

The Club has its own QR Code which is positioned at the Club entrance points and dotted around the facilities. All parents/guardians, family, friends, spectators must check in with this code on every visit to the Club if they are on the facility for more than 15 minutes. This is a government COVID compliance.

Pitch Care - Club policy

Both Superstars & Shooting Stars will be mainly held on our main Pitch 1. This pitch is our main senior competitive pitch and has to be kept and maintained to allow senior fixtures in line with Football Victoria's pitch policies.

Parents, Spectators, family members are to refrain from this pitch. There is an undercover seated area next to the pitch which allows everyone to watch and enjoy your children learning to play football. We have fantastic barista coffee on sale through the canteen so you can sit back and enjoy.

Prams, bicycles, scooters and any other games are not allowed on to the main pitch at any time. Player Entrance & Exit to the pitch is at the gate at the bottom of the pitch area.

Pitch access is for players, coaches and administrators only. 

Adverse Weather Conditions: - See the CLUB'S WEATHER POLICY HERE 

The Club will not call off training unless;

a) Conditions are extreme - Such as high temperatures, thunderstorms and continuous heavy raininformation will be posted on the Facebook page and website - If there is no information it means the program will run as normal. We do check the forecast regularly.

b) We are advised and requested by the City of Casey - Pitch and grounds preservation

c) The pitches are waterlogged 

If the warnings or pitch conditions are available in time, the program manager will issue a notice direct to all participants. We ask that not everyone tries to ring the program manager or club as it clogs personal phone lines and the majority work during the day.  

Other Benefits 

The welcomes you as part of the Club. Whilst our main aim is facilitate football training for your child and ensure that they have the most enjoyable time with us. We also strive to create a great community club. There will be several functions through the year, some will be for or with the young players and some will be adults. Some are just for social reasons while other events will be fundraising.

We generally have a kids disco part way through the year - which is always successful (& loud!). We hold trivia nights, Ladies Day, Band Nights and of course there are the end of season presentations plus more. We are also open to suggestions.

We hope that many of our Superstars will act as mascots on Senior Match Day and the older ones will act as Ball Boys for the Senior teams.

We especially hope that our younger girls will enjoy watching our Victorian Premier League Women.

We are a Club Victory Club, so there may be the opportunity for reduced Victory memberships or even the opportunity to win tickets to their games.

We also are fortunate that we receive vouchers from Grill'd, Zagames & Trios for junior players. Our parents can also apply for free membership to Trios & Zagames and enjoy fabulous discounts plus it benefits our Club.


Meet our Stars Coaches

Del Donnelly

Screen  Shot 2019- 08- 15 at 2. 53. 40 pm  

Del is the Club's Technical Director and joined Casey Comets in 2019. Prior to that, Del was the President of St. Kilda Celts, a Club that he helped establish in 2011.

Del is currently completing his FFA A-Licence coaching qualifications.

Del has coached players from all ages including the FFA' national Curriculum Discovery phase and on to the 11 v 11 aspects of the game that applies the National Curriculum holistically to develop Semi Professional, State & Institute/Academy & National Youth League teams.

Del will be managing the Stars programs.

It is our intent to provide high level coaches to the Stars program and with Del's qualifications and knowledge, our younger players will reap the benefits of having this level of coach leading the program.

Argyle Bishop

Argyle is an experienced coach, currently coaching our 14A Boys team. Argyle also coaches with the Melbourne Victory community program. During the summer months, Argyle coaches our Summer football programs.

Jamie Paterson 

....... More to follow


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