MiniRoos Boys 2024

MiniRoos 6 - 9 years

New players in these age groups will be registered to our SUPERSTARS Program.

Players that have been playing in these age groups prior to 2021 will have the option of remaining with a team that will play in Football Victoria competition or they can have the option of transferring to the Superstar program.

We are limited in how many teams we place in competition due to the shortage of good coaches. Part of our Club Football Strategic Plan is to place the majority of players in this age group with high level coaches to ensure that players are equipped for a higher level competition. It boosts their confidence while ensuring that they develop not only their knowledge & ability but also a lifelong love of the game.

If you have played at another Club and wish to join Casey Comets and are not sure which program will be the best, please contact our Technical Director, Del Donnelly:

If you are interested in coaching at Casey Comets, please contact Del (as above)


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