Casey Comets FC
Mini Pitch 1 and 2Last updated 19 Apr 2024Open1/4 size pitch - U8s and U9s
Mini Pitch 3 and 4Last updated 19 Apr 2024Open1/2 size pitch U12's & U13s - Central pitches between Junior pitch 3 and 4
Mini Pitch 5 and 6Last updated 19 Apr 2024Open1/2 pitches U10s and U11s
Located on Junior Pitch 4
Pitch 1 - Main PitchLast updated 28 Mar 2024OpenSenior Pitch.
Pitch 2Last updated 28 Mar 2024OpenSenior Pitch Behind the Clubhouse
Pitch 3Last updated 28 Mar 2024OpenJunior Pitch Full Size
Can play Metro, 35s and Reserves
Pitch 4Last updated 19 Apr 2024OpenJunior Pitch Full Size
A-League FIFA FFA FFV Premier League