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Last updated 19 Apr 2024
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Superstars 2024 - Term 2

Superstars 2024 - Term 2

Registration is now closed

Event Dates

StartTuesday 16 April 2024

FinishSaturday 29 June 2024

Registration Dates

OpenWednesday 20 March 2024

CloseSaturday 15 June 2024

FeesTerms and conditions


Casey Comets is running the next Superstars program in 2024 for players aged 4 -12 years starting Tues 16TH April 2024.
The program is suitable for players who are;-
1) new to the game or have not had access to consistent training and skill development.
2) players who need more confidence or who wish to concentrate on skills and development before committing to competitive football.
3) players that are part way through their development and will make the transition to a more disciplined competitive team.

The program is coached by highly qualified coaches. Casey Comets believes so strongly in providing a consistent and more qualified approach that what sets us apart in coaching our younger players, is that the program coaches are often our most certified and qualified coaches. This is invaluable when teaching younger players to understand the game and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to progress.

The program aims to create more confident players who can understand the game of football and have had the chance to develop their skills before introducing them to competitive play. It is also to instill in the player a lifelong love and passion for the game.

Players will be able to move to competitive football at their own pace with the support of the coaching team. Whilst many prefer players to start in a competition or to move to competition with only a basic knowledge of the game, experience shows that the rush to compete will often impact a younger player's confidence, knowledge and enjoyment of learning and discovery of the game.

For detailed information:

The Superstars run over 4 Terms, each lasting 10 weeks, with a choice of 1 or 2 sessions a week. Tuesday evenings at 5.30 pm and Saturday morning at 9 am. Players are placed in age-appropriate groups. You will need to register separately for each Term.

A kit can be purchased from the club shop. We also stock club merchandise.


    • 150 10 Week Program (1 session p/w)
    • 250 10 Week Program (2 sessions p/w)
    • 0 Come & Try Session

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay, Cash, Cheque / Money Order, Bank Transfer, Eftpos

Casey Comets FC would like to thank ETU for their sponsorship.
Electrical Trades Union
Phone (03) 8329 0000

Terms and conditions

  • Acknowledgments

    1. That the activity organised or conducted by Casey Comets Football Club is sporting in nature and may include risk of injury to the participant.
    2. Casey Comets Football Club will not in any way be responsible for any injury to the participant and the player or parent/guardian, to the full extent permitted by law, and the Player waives all legal rights of action against and fully releases Casey Comets Football Club for any loss, damages, injury or death whatsoever or howsoever arising including without limitation any neglect or tortuous act of omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of Casey Comets Football Club, its office bearers, directors, employees, agents or sponsors.
    3. In the event of a medical emergency, the Player consents and authorises the officials of Casey Comets Football Club to where appropriate administer such emergency medical treatment as deemed necessary and agrees to meet all costs of any treatment or procedures incurred by Casey Comets Football Club.
    Any enrolment is completed with full appreciation of the nature and extent of any and all risks involved and all waivers noted above.

    Participation and Fees

    1. The Player acknowledges that this is an application for registration only. Submission of an application for registration does not guarantee a placement on a team. Players accepting membership to Casey Comets Football Club are allocated to a particular team at the discretion of the Club, its coaches and its General Committee. All players who are eligible for teams are encouraged to attend assessment and grading days to ensure they are placed in an appropriate team.
    2. The player agrees to pay all fees promptly within the terms advised annually unless otherwise agreed by Casey Comets Football Club. Players will not be permitted to train or play unless membership fees have been paid in full or an agreed payment plan is in place and is up to date within the terms of the agreement. The Club reserves the right to withdraw any player or team that has not paid in full or is within the terms of their pre-agreed payment plan before the season has commenced.
    3. All players must acquaint themselves with the Club fee payment policy including the terms of the Force Majeure clause should it be activated at any time during the term of the season.

    Refund Policy

    1. The Club allows for the first session to be a free no no-obligation session prior to committing to signing up for a Term of football. Due to the short duration of the program and the 'try before you buy' nature of this program. The Club does not offer refunds if a player decides to leave during the term. program.
    Refunds of playing kits are not refundable once worn.


    1. All FV registered players are covered by FV's group personal insurance whilst playing and training, Casey Comets will not be liable for any injury costs not covered by this insurance. FV medical insurance only covers non-Medicare items and items not covered by private health insurance. We encourage all players to have private health cover as Casey Comets Football Club will not be liable for any medical insurance or injury costs whatsoever or howsoever arising. The Club has public liability insurance for participants.


    1. The Player agrees that their image may be used by the Club to promote both the Club and football in general unless Casey Comets Football Club is advised in writing or through this registration to the contrary.

    Participation in the Club

    The player agrees that they are required to cooperate and facilitate with the Committee of the Club by assisting with specific activities before, during and after training, gala days or games. These activities will be in accordance with either a roster system or as devised by the Program Manager, Team Manager or Volunteer Coordinator.

    Conduct and Codes of Behaviour

    1. Casey Comets Football Club subscribes to and endorses FV's Codes of Behaviour. The player agrees to comply with and abide by the FV's Codes of behaviour at all times.

    3. Please refer to the Codes of Behaviour for players, parents, and spectators on this website or in the Member handbook.


    1. As the players are very young, we ask that parents remain on-site at all times or advise of a responsible adult when signing in for each session and a parent's contact number is detailed.
    2. Parents agree to sign their player in at every session. With the number of players on site, it is important that we know who is attending each session and that we have adequate coaching numbers at every session.
    3. Parents do not let their child walk to and from the car park unattended or drop them at the gate nor arrange to meet them at the gate. Parents are to bring and collect their child from inside the club grounds.
    4. Parents may not enter into a discussion with a coach during a training session. The coach's attention is on the young players at all times. You are welcome to speak with the coach following the completion of a session.