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Last updated 18 Feb 2022
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Superstars 2022 - Semester 2

Superstars 2022 - Semester 2

Event Dates

StartSaturday 6 August 2022

FinishSaturday 17 December 2022

Registration Dates

OpenWednesday 20 July 2022

CloseSaturday 17 December 2022

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Casey Comets is running the next Superstars program in 2022 for players aged 6 -12 years starting 2nd August 2022.
The program is suitable for players that are;-
1) new to the game or have not had access to consistent training and skill development.
2) players that need more confidence or who wish to concentrate on skills and development before committing to competitive football.
3) players that are part way through their development and will make the transition to a more disciplined competitive team.

The program is coached by highly qualified coaches. Casey Comets believes so strongly in providing a consistent and more qualified approach that what sets us apart in coaching our younger players, is that the program coaches are often our most certified and qualified coaches. This is invaluable when teaching younger players to understand the game and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to progress.

The program aims to create more confident players that can understand the game of football and have had the chance to develop their skills before introducing them to competitive play. It is also to instil in the player a life long love and passion for the game.

Players will be able to move to competitive football at their own pace with the support of the coaching team. Whilst many prefer players to start in a competition or to move to competition with only a basic knowledge of the game, experience shows that the rush to compete will often impact a younger players confidence, knowledge and enjoyment of learning and discovery of the game.

For detailed information:

If you have a child that has played at another Club, you are welcome to register them to this program or you can contact as there are a limited number of positions in our younger teams for players that have experience of competitive football. Numbers have been limited in competitive teams due to a shortage of coaches, however, if anyone is looking to get involved in coaching or learning to coach, the Superstars program is an ideal place to learn alongside qualified, experienced coaches and we will encourage and support a coach that wishes to begin Football Australia grassroots coaching certification.

The Superstars run over 2 Semesters, each lasting 20 weeks, with 2 sessions a week. You will need to register separately for each Semester.

A kit can be purchased from the club shop. We also stock club merchandise.


    • 420 New Participant
    • 380 Returning Player

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardBPay, Bank Transfer

Casey Comets FC would like to thank Melbourne City Football Club for their sponsorship.
Melbourne City Football Club
Proud to be a Platinum City Club partner

Terms and conditions

  • It is understood that by completing this registration form or allowing your child to take part in activities at the Club or organised by the Club, you are agreeing that you and your child will comply with the Terms & Conditions of the Casey Comets Superstars program.

    Parents and players acknowledge that football training, games and activities are part of a contact sport and accordingly parents and players hold the Club harmless against all claims of whatsoever nature arising out of any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of any player participating in any authorised Club soccer training or game.

    The Club strongly recommends that you and your child be covered by your own private health insurance.

    Members agree (on their own behalf and for their child and all other parents, guardians and relatives of their child if applicable), as a condition of their admission as a Player of the Club, to waive and release its office bearers, officials, coaches, managers, referees, Members, Players, agents and other volunteers from all liability whether in respect of injury, damage or loss or otherwise (howsoever caused) to their child, themselves or any other person, and whether that injury, damage or loss arises out of membership of the Club, playing football, observing football, learning to play football and training to play football, or negligence or other breaches of duty of any nature whatsoever on the part of the Club, their representatives, office bearers, officials, coaches, managers, referees, Members, Players, agents and other volunteers, or otherwise.

    Members understand and agree that nothing in their agreement to register with the Club purports to exclude any liability that may be owed by the Club or their representatives pursuant to the provisions of any relevant statute covering their activities and which may not be excluded by agreement. To the extent that any part of this agreement may contravene any statute members agree that such part of the agreement shall be severed and rendered void but the rest of the agreement will remain valid and continue to have full force and effect.

    You agree to pay fees due to the Club subject to such fees previously notified to you by the Club. You acknowledge that your child attending activities run by the Club after fees have been notified to you shall be your acceptance of your liability to pay such fees. Players that have not paid fees will be unable to continue with the program. The Club will seek payment of any outstanding fees.

    Fees can be paid by;
    1) Bank transfer. (Include the payment reference) BSB: 193 879 ACC: 453134685
    2) Credit Card
    3) EFTPOS
    4) BPAY
    The Victorian State Government 'Get Active' are available to eligible families.

    Fees are non-refundable or exchangeable.

    You agree to comply with any and all Codes of Conduct, Behaviour, Policies and Expectations issued by the Club. (All can be found on the Club's website)

    Superstars uniform to be collected from the Club shop to ensure correct sizing. The shop is open from the start of the program on Saturday mornings. All players agree to follow and abide by the Club's Uniform policy. A player must wear the appropriate endorsed uniform at all training and matches (correct club shirt, shorts and socks) and present in a neat & tidy manner.

    Parents/spectators are not to stand on the pitch during, before or after the program. The players will leave the pitch area following their training as there will be other teams and programs training following.

    You agree that your child's image may be used by Casey Comets Football Club `'the Club'' to promote both the club and soccer in general, in any medium. Your child's name will not be associated with his or her image nor will you or your child receive monetary compensation for the use of these images.

    Parents/Guardians of players are required to co-operate and facilitate with the committee of the Club by assisting with specific activities before, during and after games and training. These activities will be in accordance with a roster system, as devised by the program manager.

    Members agree to support the Committee of Management in maintaining and sustaining the facilities provided by Casey Comets Football Club.

    Members agree to support the Club in complying with State Govt. COVID directives and check-in using the official QR code (situated around the grounds).

    Members understand that the Club is an organisation that is reliant upon volunteer contributions and that every member's registration is conditional upon their contribution to one of the areas indicated in the Volunteer Contribution section of the registration process. The Club relies on sponsorship and grants for upgrading our grounds, facilities, equipment and staff training. If you are in a position to assist with sponsorship or have a trade that can help the Club, please let the Club know.

    All Members, Parents/Guardians & Supporters are expected to read and adhere to the Club's defined Values and expectations and game day etiquette.

    The Club has a mandatory shin pads policy. The Superstars players must wear shin pads for all football activities. The Club has shin pads available to purchase.

    Casey Comets fundraising activities are to be supported and endorsed by all Members.

    Grievances, questions and queries are to be directed in writing to the program administrator.

    You have read and agreed to adhere and support the program information, policies and expectations.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION (Child Protection)

    Parents and/or Guardians of our Stars programs must remain on-site during training.

    Please ensure that you do not drop off or pick up your child from the Car Park but collect from the side of the pitch or Stands area. Please ensure that it is marked on the attendance sign-in sheet, if it is agreed for another person or parent to collect your child.

    Please follow the directions for the Car Park flow.

    The program coaches are there to provide and facilitate football training, they are unable to look after players or other children outside of the coaching session.

    If you would like to discuss anything related to the program with your child's coach, please arrange with the coach for a convenient time, the coach is unable to enter into discussions between coaching sessions as this will directly impact the running of the program and the coach needs to ensure all players are being collected by their parents/guardians.

    Any medical information or injury should be disclosed to the Club at the time of registration. If your child has a specific allergy requiring an epi-pen, please provide the Club with details of the allergy and treatment via the program administrator. Please ensure that your child has any allergy device required carried with you or your child at all times. The Club will hold this information on file during your child's time at Casey Comets. If your child has an Asthma management Plan, please ensure that this is provided to the program administrator. If your child has or requires any asthma pumps or devices, please ensure that these are carried with you or your child at all times.